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September 14, 2009


G. Weiss

As a whistleblower now disgusted with OSC's Prohibited Personnel Practices Unit, I found OSC to be much more willing to properly investigate complaints when Bloch held the position. When he left, the agency started dumping active cases without interviewing key witnesses or allowing the complainants to review and/or rebut the information the OSC was acting to dismiss cases on, going so far as to label that "increased productivity" in a press release. I'd be more productive too, if I was allowed to throw everything I was working on in the trash at the end of the day.

sojourner truth

"Bloch angered congressional Democrats by weakening enforcement of laws protecting gay federal employees from discrimination,"

Utterly false. Bloch angered pressure groups by taking the position that the law pertaining to OSC did not cover sexual orientation, based upon his careful reading of the statutes enabling OSC and by taking certain inaccurate information off the agency website, leading to a political backlash, and a witchhunt. Name a single good complaint for anti-gay bias that Bloch instructed OSC to dismiss, but which later was prosecuted through MSPB and found valid. Ooops my bad, I was expecting you to rely upon verifiable facts.

"12 of his employees filed a complaint in 2005 after Bloch tried to reassign them involuntarily from the office’s D.C. headquarters to regional offices around the country." False again. Bloch decided after much study and recommendations from consultants on how to improve the agency to open a new office of OSC in Detroit, an office that continues to operate today. When he sought to staff it with certain employees, many quit and then created a phony complaint, which to date has never been substantiated. There has never been any evidence connecting the creation of that office and its staffing to any wrongful conduct. The fact is Bloch had the right to create the office and obligation to staff it, and the power and authority to assign employees there. Whining federal employees used to their comfy jobs in DC, who did not want to move, decided to quit. Of course, they got other federal jobs later at other agencies. Other employees who were assigned to Detroit happily made the move and remain in that office, where it functioned quite well. Of course, those facts would interfere with the rigged conclusion you wish to arrive at.

"Later, he drew the ire of the Bush administration by launching an investigation of the firings of U.S. attorneys in 2006 — a move that Bloch’s critics called an attempt to save his job." Other critics were mad at him for refusing to pursue bogus charges against Condi Rice. David Eglasias was happy to rely upon Bloch's assistance in pursuing his claims, including through OSC, and would confirm Bloch's courage in pursuing this against pressure from DOJ. Of course that would require writing a thorough and balanced piece, rather than a hit job that only quotes anonymous sources the writer relied upon to write the article and provide his viewpoint for him.

"This morning, The National Law Journal reported that the Office of Special Counsel has struggled to find footing since Bloch resigned. One lawyer who represents whistleblowers from within the office says the working environment has improved, while other whistleblower lawyers complain that the office has been less active in responding to alleged violations of personnel law."

Go look at the FAA investigation done by Bloch, his work that led to the grounding of uninspected planes, his courageous testimony before the transportation committee, his courageous investigation of the powerful Republican head of GAO, which led to him being attacked by her lapdog, Tom Davis (Republican), his long hard work for Anne Whiteman, his pursuit of Hatch Act investigation of Karl Rove, etc. Now look at what OSC has done in the last 9 months since he left. Nothing. The agency is back to being a comfy sinecure for the complacent. Of course a fair, thorough examination would have shown your rigged conclusions to be a sham.

"The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia is leading the criminal investigation of Bloch. A spokesman declined to comment, except to say the investigation is ongoing."

In other words, the political hatchet job that began a few years ago continues. No evidence, no facts, nothing except character assassination. How about citing anything unearthed to show conclusively any obstruction of justice? Oh sorry, there is none, but at least his political haters can assume that if there was an investigation instituted it must be based on actual wrongdoing. As Raymond Donovan said after the special prosecutor put him through hell, caused the exhaustion of his resouorces, then ultimately decided there was no basis for any prosecution, "How do I get my reputation back?" Don't democrats scream about politically motivated prosecutions like that against the former Governor of Alabama? Oh right, dems only care if their buddies are the victims of a witchhunt. when it happens to Republican appointees, its just sport.

Shame on you for nothing but a factless smear. Your efforts to point his political enemies to his workplace and to mock him for trying to mount a defense against the awesome and scary power of the DOJ are also just gutless. What is next? Your reporter digging though court files and sending letters to his clients and trying to carry out the dirty work of Kaplan and others behind your attack? printing his home address? Posting photos of his kids going to school?

Will you do an article apologizing when it turns out there's no substance, no court case, and all of this bull#### disappears into the dustbin of unsubstantiated gossip?

Probably not. Printing hit pieces with a hidden agenda means never having to say you're sorry, right?

Robert MacLean

Someone needs to ask him and/or his lawyers about all of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Federal Air Marshal Service whistleblowers' complaints he ignored, and the fact that they needed to go to the GOP-Chaired Committee on the Judiciary to get the dangerous policies revised and the reckless director to abruptly "retire":

See it for yourself on ABC News 20/20 show that aired on May 17, 2006:

The GOP House Judiciary report that conveniently got released a week after:

ALL of the whistleblowers are still out of the job or have been marginalized: Earnest "Don" Strange, Spencer Pickard, Craig Sawyer, Frank Terreri, and me.


Robert MacLean

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