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August 20, 2009


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Justice Sotomayor Hires Her Clerks: Tony Mauro reports on Blog of Legal Times that Justice Sotomayor has hired four clerks for the upcoming term, and two of them are Supreme Court clerk veterans. Justice Sotomayor has hired Jeremy Marwell, Eloise... [Read More]



For Alex, who seems not to have read the article,

"When justices join the Court, they find it useful to bring in clerks who already know the Court's intricate and sometimes baffling procedures and quirks."


Okay, how many of her clerks are black - how many Latino - how many of Ginsburg's clerks are black or Latino. Based on their votes in the Ricci case, their clerks ahould proportionately represent the demographics of the population, right? Hmmmm.


It speaks volumes about her as a person? Maybe she asked them to and they didn't want to move to DC where they'd have to put up with such unfounded bung as yours every day. How do you know that isn't the case?


Isn't it sad that she didn't "elevate" any of her former clerks. It speaks volumes about her as a person.

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