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July 10, 2009



I would not recommend addressing a DC cop
in that manner.

Polite and firm insistence on your
well-understood constitutional rights
may also be going a little too far
unless your attorney is present.
Even then, be prepared for a beat-down.
Later (much later), enjoy your settlement
from the comfort of your hospital bed.


Those who give up freedom for temporary safety will find themselves right smack back in slavery. Don't stop at segregation. Keep on by Jim Crow, just go right on back to the plantation and put on your cottong pickin' suits and start pickin that cotton for the massah.

Justin Hansford

This is a great victory for the citizens of Washington D.C! Hopefully it will embolden more people to bring suits against the police abuses and extremes that take place in washington dc, primarily against low income communities.

Christopher J Hoffman

Thank God. How is it, that lay people like this lowly musician can predict the outcome of constitutional issues like this one with greater clarity than a district court judge.

Where do these judges get their education? How are they vetted? And how can they have so little sense of the blatant unconstitutionality of cases like this? This is stuff I learned in high school. Astounding!

Steve Candelario

I am elated that the U.S. Court of Appeals, D.C. had the brains to see that this program was unconstitutional. It's dissapointing that it went on this long. If this should ever happen to me, I would tell the Officer to go pound sand.

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