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June 29, 2009



I am disappointed that the Court split along the usual ideological lines. If the election of Obama taught us anything it is that a person willing to get off the basketball court and into the Library and hit the books, can earn high academic honours and a chance to be President. If we really are going to be liberated, we must stop yelling discrimination, roll up our sleeves and get into the game.


Hopefully this goes to show. That racism can happen to any skin color.

Bubba B

This discussion today will pave the road to gender and racial equality. Gone are the days of preferential treatment for any race group or gender. People will have to go to school and earn a degree in order to get hired. My only disgust with Supreme Court is four of the justices voted against it. This shows those justices still believe in discrimination.

norris hall

When it comes to racial preferences, it's not always the whites who are the wronged party.

Recently The University of California changed it's admission policy for all 9 of it's campuses.
Flooded by Asian students who tend to do better than whites on test scores and school grades, the US regents decided to downplay the importance of tests and grades in their admission policy
"I like to call it affirmative action for whites," said Ling-chi Wang, a retired professor at UC Berkeley. "I think it's extremely unfair to Asian-Americans on the one hand and underrepresented minorities on the other."
The new policy would eliminate the requirement that applicants take two SAT subject tests and reduce the number of students guaranteed admission based on grades and test scores alone. It takes effect for the freshman class of fall 2012.

Color pigment impaired man

The Supreme Court made the right decision in this case. All of the firemen who applied were given an EQUAL oppertunity in the exam process. Those firemen that worked hard and scored the best should be given the promotion based on their merit NOT on their skin color or ethnicity.

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