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May 20, 2009



Posted by: Art Leonard | May 20, 2009 at 09:14 PM

Anyone that is going to be a Supreme Court Justice should have experience at being a judge.......The republicans would NEVER nominate a person without judicial experience......

Oh how soon we forget......Harriet Myers was not a judge.........

Art Leonard

Some of our greatest Supreme Court justices had no prior judicial experience before going on the bench. Among those are the great Chief Justice John Marshall, Louis Brandeis, Chief Justice Harlan Fiske Stone, Felix Frankfurter, William O. Douglas, and Lewis Powell. And, of course, Chief Justice Earl Warren, whose experience was as a prosecutor and governor. The Supreme Court is unique, of course, in its particular role in our judicial system, and the loss of other career perspectives than the judiciary results in a narrowing of focus and a loss of touch with the real world, since judges in general tend to be isolated by their ethical responsibilities. Justice O'Connor's past experience as a legislator was very important to the court, as was Justice Powell's experience as a leader of the private bar.

Leah D

Anyone that is going to be a Supreme Court Justice should have experience at being a judge or at least be a U.S. Constitution scholar. This whole issue is absurd. The republicans would NEVER nominate a person without judicial experience. Obama taught constitutional law for 10 years, I have faith that he will nominate the right person for the job.


Although I have many reservations about whom might be appointed I want to express my strong feeling that it is not necessessary that a Justice have juducial experience or perhaps even be a lawyer. We need a Justice who has lived AMONG US! WE THE PEOPLE NEED SOME ONE WHO CAN READ AND APPLY THE PLAIN WORDS OF THE CONSTITUTION.


Dear Oscar in Miami:
Really??? If you've been paying attention for the last decade or more, Sen. Spector has always been one of the more "centrist" Republicans, following his principles rather than the likes of Rush and Cheney. Now that the Republican Party has moved even further to the right, he could not in good conscience continue to be a Republican. Rather than a "traitor" he is remaining true to his priciples (insofar as politicians have principles, of course).

Oscar in Miami Beach

Specter should not get involved in anything.He is a coatchanger that has absolutly no character or moral.He is the proverbial chamaleon that will go with the higher bider.Pennsyvanians should kick this disgusting individual out of the Congress and put in its place a person of honor and integrity not a traitor to his friends and colleagues.

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