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May 05, 2009


Dennis Moore, Publisher & CEO

One U.S. Supreme Justice Can
Truly Reflect The New America

Admittedly, there are a rare few choices that may fit the bill for President Obama's U.S. Supreme Court choice. Nevertheless, the field can be narrowed to seven key candidate factors: 1) an exceptional standard of qualifications, integrity and recognition by their peers, 2) a record of public involvement beyond their practice and politics, 3) must complement the general face of a changing America, 4) have a record of understanding the international ramifications and relevance of law to American life, 5) bring a judicial independence that is not dependent on principled partisan ethics, 6) a record of genuinely knowing, understanding and enforcing the U.S. Constitution without fear or favor, and 7) bring an added perspective to the High Court that is usually and historically excluded, but undeniably necessary in the true balance of justice.

If I thought like Obama in these challenging and hope filled times, and the seven factors above truly mattered, the choice would logically and confidently come down to only one person. The Honorable Judge Vanessa Ruiz of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals.

Dennis Moore, Publisher & CEO

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