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May 13, 2009



Mr. Holder justice is supposed to be swift, impartial and blind.

It is not justice when politicians, and others start to speculate on the consequences of allowing justice to proceed, and then, using those real or imagined consequences stop justice from proceeding.

John Adams said, "All our Calamities have originated in the cruel, rapacious Breasts of some of our own Countrymen."

Lets hope the solutions (justice) can originate there too!!!


Jim Rogers

I always find it interesting when people suggest that Souter's replacement needs to be someone who sticks to the "strict meaning of the Constitution" rather than someone who "legislates from the bench." Right wing conservatives believe that any moderate or progressive interpretation of language in the Constitution runs afoul of what the Founding Fathers intended. Frankly, I don't know where they get such an idea. A study of the Federalist Papers would lead one to believe that the Constitution is and always has been a living document meant to be debated and re-interpreted as times require.

Karol Jo Kappel

Holder has good insight and knowledge. I admire his variety of comments on issues and would hopw that comments would reach all of the aspects of the questioning of him by the reporter.
We are fortuniate for him there.

Joe Geshel

Justice Souter has been anything but a good justice. He has consistently been of a mind to change the wording and thereby the meaning of any clause in the Constitution. It will be nice to see him gone. However, his replacement will have to improve in understanding the words written in the Constitution rather what he would like to have seen there. Obama's choice will most likely be the same or worse. Let us pray that his choice fools Obama just as Souter fooled the Republicans.


I was "Just following orders" should not be applied here, or at anytime. What's that quote about all good men of conscience again ??! Can we have an Historic moment in Justice in the USA for once ? Have you ANY idea of the overwhelming corruption that rules every facet of your Republic ?


I'm also encouraged by Holder's use of the term "living breathing document", because this is exactly what the ultra-conservatives on the court like Scalia so often ridicule. I think we'll get a good replacement for Souter.


I'm very pleased with both Holder and Obama so far as well as with Hillary Clinton and many others on Obama's team. I think they're doing the job. Muchos Gracias.

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