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April 27, 2009


Steve in Maryland

All you have to do is listen to the rhetoric of the republican right wing conservatives based in the south. there is nothing but hatred expressed for Pres. Obama.

Why - because their multiple worst fears have been realized.
1. A black man has become President. A symbol of the end of the old southern right wing religious culture that gave us slavery and segregation. A culture that still exists, awaiting its opportunity to go backwards in time, for societies have long memories.
2. The black man is actually a mixed race person. What could be worse then that - what was the surest way to a lynching in the old south then inter-racial situations.
3. To make it worse, the most vile thing to the segregationists was a White woman bedding with a Black Man. Pr. Obama's parental situation.

After the civil war, there was some progress for blacks. But over the period leading up to 1900, the segregationists gained control, the KKK monsters spread far and wide, including into northern cities like chicago, and segregation got established by the same culture that gave us slavery.

They will do anything they can, the white ignorants and rednecks and crackers of the south, to go backwards, to re-establish their power.

And you only need to recognize the depth of hatred for gay people being accepted as parts of God's creation in the republican base in the deep south, to understand that they too will be a victim of the closet once again - just a segregationist trick of terroizing people to hide who they are, or suffer denigration and even violence. The closet which solves the segregationists problems of not knowing who the gay people are, while keeping them quiet and out of their deserved place as full citizens in this country. Beneficiaries also of "......with Liberty and Justice for all".

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