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March 10, 2009


Roberta Theis

Can I get an audio file of Justice Couter's speech on Plessy v Ferguson?


Listening to, or writing music are sometimes similarly complex experiences. Justice Souter needs to select his own most salutary living activities, apart from the dedication of doing difficult work in the public service as he has done. Perhaps it is the burden of putting one's creative ideas into the stare decisis framework which so erodes pillars of juridical thinking for this distinguished Justice in an ever complexifying world.

C. Zadik Shapiro

The difference between a true intellectual (Souter) and a pseudo punk intellectual (Bork)

Donald W. Stever

The blogger reads far to much into Justice Souter's statement. Having known David Souter for nearly forty years, beginning when we were colleagues in the New Hampshire Attorney General's office, I can vouch for his almost insatiable intellectual curiousity and his love of books, particluarly those that shed new light on historical events. That intellect is part of what makes him a unique, and important, addition the Supreme Court. His remark, on which the blogger seized, simply reflects the truth that the job of being a Supreme Court justice is sufficiently demanding if you are committed to it that it leaves little or no time for other intellectual pursuits during the term. The blogger's "spin" on this completely misses the point of the remark.

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