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February 12, 2009



Autism affects 1 in 150 children. Our government does not care. It’s afraid of what it will find if it looks too closely and the potential effects to our economy if they prove it environmental. I have lost all faith in government and the medical community. They spend more trying to prove what does not cause Autism then they do in finding the catalysts that have provoked this epidemic. I have 2 children. One neurologically typical and one with Autism Spectrum Disorder, both were born neurologically typical and one regressed after vaccination. Coincidence, maybe, but I know a lot of people with the same story that I trust much more then people with conflicts of interest holding up studies that contained only 23 children with Autism and 13 without. My child also has tested positive via toxicology screenings by reputable medical labs for elevated levels of mercury in his system. After he received the MMR cocktail he ran a high fever (105) and was cold and clammy to the touch. We called the doctor and a she told us not to worry unless he goes into seizures as his temperature continued to rise. We freaked out, she did not care that he was reacting. Next we begun to lose him and he would drift inward, next came the bowel incontinence that we are still trying to heal many years later. He is now 10 and has accidents on a daily basis; fortunately cognitive functions have improved since we moved to a GFCF diet. I know many other people with the same story, the same progression, and the same improvements with a GFCF diet. This is my research, it is our life but our hope is running out. Our medical bill pile up while insurance companies refuse to pay for any treatments related to Autism because all treatments are considered “unproven”. If you question the powers that be, you’re ridiculed. Drug companies hire propagandists to go on blogs and post to ridicule concerned parents caring for Autistic children.

Chuck Cochran

It was my understanding that the reason for the Vaccine program was to provide a more expedited and less costly route for the Plaintiff and a partial shield for the Pharmaceutical company. Reimbursement of uninsured health costs and Government paid Plaintiff's Attorneys fees are perks under this system for both parties in cost allocation, liability exposure and access to the Courts. If the program provides inadequate relief it is just making the process more complex for the plaintiff as well as more expensive. I do not think the drug companys or injured parties are going to like the outcome of a very strict application of the rules in determining cause in these type of high profile cases.

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