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February 06, 2009


ELois Poole-Clayton

I'm totally inclined to agree that the CONSTITUTION RULES, applies to ALL! To my understanding, in any case that a plainiff or defendant uses ANY statue, that states that a person was DENIED a TRIAL, is tangible to be be considered. I'm in that exact SAME situation, as we speak, YET, every wword of it, was not considered upon my using that statue when I appealed to the Appellate Courts! I've filed many MOTIONS, in support of my findings and it's still being disregarded, to the extent that I am being given the runaround for the purpose of "penalizing" me because I filed another MOTION potitioning being misled, in my instructions, by many. I also filed a MOTION to strike the judges decision to strike my CIVIL suite, for the judge blantly spoke in the courtroom, to the opposing counsel that she could have my case dismissed in Appellate court, because I left neither opposing counsel, room for a winning argument.
The judges comment, was out of order and unprofessional!
Now, If calls aren't made to BLACKLIST my efforts to achieve counsel, I'm preparing the necessary documents to RESUBMIT back to the Illinois Supreme Court.
PS: I'm filing DILIGENT as I did in criminal court, but I've been told that I, have to prepare documents, when desn't seem logical to me.
If you can be of assistance, I can be reached at (773)622-2906, at any time.
PPS: I am trying to contact the legal clinic in my town, but I haven't had any luck yet.

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