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February 11, 2009



The apathy and willful blindness of the Federal authorities to Elite League White Collar Fraud (Fraud Masters) has gone right off the deep end, past apathy to arbitrary & capricious applications of Color of Law and Breach of Fiduciary duty - that borders on the realm of complicity.
As in Madoff, we reported on Petters, Traub and Dreier for years.
We caught Traub red handed in supplication of intentionally false affidavits and deceiving the Court (Traub was a partner with both Petters and Dreier)

The SEC Bankruptcy Fraud Division in Atlanta was sending an Official Intergovernmental letter recommending an Official Investigation (under 18 USC 3057(a))

Not only did that not transpire - when the case went UP the authority chain, Traub's firm was given UNlawful, implied, blanket, immunity by the DOJ US Trustee's office - who also granted Traub the promise of future willful blindness.
Then we found out that the DE US Attorney was a partner with the other law firm that confessed to false affidavits.
Just so happens that firm had a former partner who was the US Attorney.

The Director of the EOUST resigned when we discovered another $100 million in fraud after the Unlawful immunity.

Then the Central CA US Attorney shut down the Public Corruption Unit and threatened career prosecutors with retaliation if they spoke to the Press about why.

We will know that the country is returning to the Rule of Law when the case is investigated properly

Prosecutions are a slam dunk

Failing to prosecute resulted in no mitigation of Dreier and Petters who are the number 2 and 3 largest Ponzi schemers of all time!

Jeff Spangler

I suspect that the scope of aider-and-abettor exposure is so vast that only a small percentage of the clearest cases will ever see a courtroom, thus emphasizing the importance of triaging the most egregious violators at the highest levels. I'm not holding my breath.

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