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January 08, 2009


Mr.Unite Us

What does Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama have in common?

Eric Holder.

He'll make an excellent Atorney General.


I just watched Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy on C-SPAN where he discussed a report about abuse in Department of Justice, and how New Leadership Needed At Justice Department Without Delay. He went on to talk about how those "civil rights" lawyers in DOJ that had been pushed aside to make way for "liars" and those that abused hiring practices. He further stated that we need these good men and women in DOJ to protect "civil rights" and uphold one's constitutional rights.

Well, Senator Leahy, why don't you start over at HUD, with the very people that are supposed to uphold the law. These people have been working with those "honest DOJ" lawyers that you have talked about for over a decade. If those DOJ folks that you talked about were such honest and ethical people, then why did what happened years ago at HUD, still happen today?

If these shakedown tools are merely "settlement" or "conciliation agreements", why do they need a clause that says they are "volunatry" and "not coerced". If they are not, then HUD need not worry. Also, they request a "donation". I always thought a "donation" was by definition voluntary and not coerced. But then again, I don't have the 2009 Blagojevich Dictionary. And why another clause that makes those that sign agree not to tell. If it is on the "up and up", then why the "you can't tell anyone" clause.

So, Senator Leahy, please don't stand up and tell everyone how dishonest the current DOJ is, when for years those folks that you spoke of as upstanding public servants have allowed and contributed to this happening. It just makes your words seem empty.


I would suggest that every Senator, Republican or Democrat, that votes against Eric Holders nomination, go on record as posting a Hold on the Nomination.

Eric Holders record is rife with active antagonism to all Constitutional Rights of the People.

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