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October 17, 2008



How could it be "too late" for the Republicans to question voter fraud if the
early voting just started? If there is no
voter fraud then the 200,000 vote cards would check out. And there would be no questions. As it is I'm left feeling there's a rat in the wood pile. Way too many questions remain about Obama that the media hasn't addressed.


Way to go! It's about time the Republican's got called on their intimidation and "frivolous lawsuits" to try and steal another election. And the only fraud being perpetrated is against ACORN by McCain and the rest of the Republicans. Any fraudulent registrations were ALREADY REPORTED BY ACORN (as required by law) to keep those signature gatherers who are faking signatures from doing it!!
THis whole issue is a scam by republicans to try and justify losing because they can't accept that America is not on their side anymore! Republican= right wing extremists!
p.s. this is not voter fraud, but REGISTRATION fraud, and it was already properly being dealt with without Republican interference. There is no voting problem except what republicans keep creating to try and cheat by suppressing the vote in another election.

George Perkins

We have been tracking the issue of vote fraud and sham accusations of voter fraud since 2000 at Most accusations of voter fraud have been proven baseless. This article has useful information but does explain why this is relevant to special prosecutor Dannehy's investigation of the firings of US attorneys. Actually, Bauer has finally joined many others in linking the ACORN harassment to these US Attorney firings, several of which revolved around their failure to adequately harass voters to suit Republican tastes.


Voter fraud is a serious matter and it should be impartially investigated. I can't understand why McCain after alleging voter fraud is now trying to stop an impartial independent investigation into it - unless of course the GOP claim of widespread voter fraud is itself a fraudulent claim by a party grasping desperately for any tactic to claw back its poll deficit. Looks like Florida 2004 is being revisited by the GOP.

I'm all for an independent DOJ investigation into voter fraud, and so should everyone who is against voter fraud.


This whole thing is another attempt by the RNC to suppress votes. It is only fraud if you try to vote more than once. I hope it is investigated and stopped. RNC - don't you get it? You lose - game over - stop encouraging hatred, racism and voter suppression. Take it like an American and be quiet! America does not need 4 more years of dishonest politicains in the White House. Go OBAMA/BIDEN!


The Republicans see it as such a big deal? Now we will see them have to ante up big time to play this game. They lost before the Supreme Court today but (psst 2 members of the Court have interacted with Bill Ayers -- keep it secret, you can only whisper about it). 200,000 more voters in Ohio -- Get Joe (Sam) the plumber (well not actuallty a plumber) help out. He works in a two plumber shop and makes $250,000? Really? Wow. Having paid for plumbers it might be true.


1. Remember that McCain was a KEYNOTE SPEAKER FOR AN ACORN EVENT in 2006. Was he tearing the fabric of democracy then?

2. Thank goodness somebody is actually protecting voter's rights. This entire action by the McCain campaign is designed to intimidate democratic voters, especially BLACK, POOR, and YOUNG voters to either a. prevent them from voting or b. prevent their votes from counting. (It looks like John Lewis was right about the McCain Palin segregationist impulses)

3. What happened to the honorable John McCain was used to know and respect. Is this how he wants to win, by stopping young people and black people from voting. I'm deeply disappointed in him.


If the shoe fits:

I feel sorry for you. You are so naive & gullible.

If The Shoe Fits

Gee, if there wasn't such a widespread problem of ACORN voter registration fraud within multiple (swing) states being investigated by the federal government and the FBI, I'd say Barry would have a leg to stand on. If...

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