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September 17, 2008



This is pathetic. Here's one of the very last of a generation of "good old boy" politicians, throwing the legal equivalent of a tantrum to distract from the fact that mommy just came into the kitchen and caught Teddy with his hand in the cookie jar before supper.
He whines that you can't punish him for something he says he might not have done in the first place because he has a job given him by the public trust. This is the sort of (weak) argument you make after a trial and not before it. If good old Uncle Ted had any real faith in the system of which he claims so loudly to be a part, he wouldn't slow down going to court to get himself cleared. Yet, he's throwing everything at the wall, and trying to get something to stick. This makes him look like the legal system is the last refuge for a scoundrel who's forgotten his public trust.

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