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September 30, 2008


Very good excerpts, Legal Times! But the WHOLE story on that deceptive pathetic excuse for a Deputy AG Paul McNulty, has not been told-yet. The WHOLE story of what McNulty and his thugs brought over from the thug syndicate, otherwise known as the US Attorney's Office, ED Va, (Chief Thug: CHUCK ROSENBERG) did, have done, and are continuing to do in the cover-up of the prosecutorial misconduct of his prosecutors in the Moussaoui sentencing trial-THAT story is breathtaking in its unethicality and pure thuggery. Particularly since the cover-up of the misconduct is designed to protect one DAVID J. NOVAK, AUSA "THUG" FROM THE EDVA IN HIS QUEST TO BE THE NEXT FEDERAL JUDGE IN THE EASTERN DISTRICT. Oh, if you only knew the real story; how very scary it is...

Marc Seguinot

The entire process has always been a fiasco and what puzzles me is that it has been found out only at this point in time. AUSAs have always been political appointees -- no surprise. Worse yet is that the same tactics trickled into the immigration judge appointments using those appointments as "rewards." Shameful. The U.S. Department of Justice. This is the example we have of the enforcement hand of the government. Interesting, very interesting. I wonder how many Americans really understand the implications of all this!


The "Middle District of California"? California has four districts, none of which are the "middle" district: ED Cal, ND Cal, CD Cal, SD Cal.

Yang was the US Atty for the Central District of California. I suppose "middle district" (lower case) is just barely correct (though there are two middle districts, since ND Cal. is seated in SF and ED Cal in Sacto, which places ND Cal below ED Cal). But "Middle District" (as it appears in the footnote in the report) is just wrong.


So what if the firings were political, some were even based upon incompetence. How are these attorneys appointed anyway – it’s based upon their political ideology. Clinton fired all of them at the beginning of his presidency. Bush’s problem (among many) is that he wanted to have comity, but he’s been bashed from day one. And, on this, he just waited too long. He still would have been bashed, but what’s new.

US Citizen

While Gonzales seems remarably incompentent, I don't see any illegality here.


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