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September 04, 2008


Jonathan Richards- Former Federal Prison Inmate

Really, 4 years white collar is Federal Prison Camp time. Yes, it is prison, but he is not subject to real violence or danger. Indeed, there is not even a fence to prevent escape. To be sure, not a spot you want to spend time if you can help it, but there are far worse prisons out there.

Dr. Gene Nelson

I attended the hearing in DC District Court today. I have been following the case for several years. (To learn more about my involvement, please google the phrase "Abramoff Visa" - there are 66 links as of 09 04 08.) My most recent article was published in January, 2008, "The Greedy Gates Immigration Gambit."

In my view, there is very strong basis in law for the sentence. More "big" catches are on the way was a point raised repeatedly by both the prosecution and the defense.


Do you feel that the sentencing has some basis in law, or was it a sentence with a political punch?

I've heard people say both. I've also heard that there will be some more "big" catches in the next few weeks that came from his work. Do you know anything about that from court documents?

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