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August 07, 2008


aerospace safety and security [ASAS]

The Department of Transportation [DOT] has to date ignored the modern methodology to increase both takeoff and landing sequences at JFK, which can add as many as 30 to 40 additional sequences. This would certainly avoid the confrontation and court suits now planned to reverse the actions by the DOT.
The modern Safe-Runway technology provides a greatly increased utilization of these 14,572 ft. runways of 13R and 31L at JFK, by splitting these runways into two 7000 ft
landing and takeoff runways. This has the same benefit as would the construction of a brand new runway. The DOT/FAA should first think of using proper methods to solve these problems, which incidentally saves over 700 galons of jet fuel for B-737, A-320 and type airliners, which can safely operate from these 7000 ft. runways.
Presently, the FAA needlessly requirs these airliners to taxi a mile and a half to the end of these extremely long runways and burn over 700 gellons of the high priced jet fuel needlessly for every departure.
Let us make airports more ecologically friendly, become more efficient and save fuel and save our airlines.

aerospace safety and security [ASAS]

An increase of arrival and departure slots for airlines at JFK can be doubled by the modern split-runway technology. This method provides better utilization of long runways for the B-737, A-320 and EMB-190 type aircraft, by creating both a 7000 ft. landing and a separate 7000 ft. departure on 13R and 31L runways. This methodology increases these sequences the same as would the building of a brand new additional runway, which of course cannot be built at JFK. Simply put, we can increase capacity with out the need for conjestion pay, or slot auctions at JFK.

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