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August 18, 2008


Phil Smith

Which candidate supports Senator Kohl's Senate Bill S.2261 "Discount Pricing Consumer Protection Act" co-sponsored by Senator Clinton and Senator Biden. This bill will restore the "per se" treatment of vertical price fixing. The Wall Street Journal wrote on the front page (august 18, 2008 edition) that price fixing was making a come back after this Supreme Court ruling (06-480 Leegin V PSKS,Inc). That ruling issued June 2007 reversed nearly 100 years of antitrust law banning manufacturers from fixing the price of products sold by retailers to consumers. I would respectfully request that this subject is presented to both candidates antitrust policy representatives. The American Consumer deserves an answer to such an abrupt change in the antitrust law that impacts them right in the pocketbook (WSJ Article estimates a whopping 300 BILLION DOLLARS of annual Consumer Inflation).The voters deserve an answer from both candidates on this very important National Antitrust Policy. Thank you

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