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August 26, 2008


Leon Richard

Why should this case be seen as any different from a first amendment case, fourth amendment case, or an abortion case?

Aren't attorney's fees normally awarded in civil rights cases? And if this isn't extraordinary, as the attorney said in his motion, what is?


"No lawyer rationally undertakes, on a contingent basis, work that would yield the same fee for the same work that could be earned without risk of non-payment." Proof positive that any lawyer who does something merely for ethical or altruistic reasons is considered to be less than sane. No wonder lawyers have the widespread reputation of being a greedy, quibbling lot, who could possibly do any work for less than a few hundred dollars an hour? At one time having a lawyer was an option but the gig has changed and become so profitable and one-sided that any judge will all but require one to have a lawyer in any trial. Even then, in the land of the "free", you have a better chance of ending up in jail than in any other country in the world.

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