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July 28, 2008



Typical US Chamber commentary w/o any factual support. The TowerPerrin study was dismissed as dishonest and factually unsupported some time ago.

The US Chamber has marched through individual rights and States' rights by sneaking "claims" of preemption in the preambles of regulations. No hearings. No debates. They delieberate chose to get unelected bureaucrats in federal government to "claim" preemption.

US Chamber's time is up on this deceptive pattern of immunizing corporations for their misconduct (workplace injuries, defective products, etc.). You cannot harm and maim families and expect a free pass -- it violates every tenet of our modern justice system that finds its roots in the Bible.

What's funny is that the "tort reformers" sue each other left and right whenever they fell as though they've been wronged, whether business vs. business (which makes up the highest number of civil lawsuits) or for personal injuries (W.Va. Chamber prez sued for his kids' injuries; Bork sued for a slip-and-fall, etc.). The US Chamber just wants to close doors to the courthouse for everyone else. Hypocrites.

Companies represented by the Chamber should spend their time and money focusing on how to develop and deliver their products and services in a a safe manner.

US Chamber: Good luck off-shore, where you can harm prople without fear of being held accountable.

Justinian Lane

Did you see that the President of the ILR slipped up and said that these "earmarks" are actually legal reform?

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