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April 10, 2008


Ray Vernier

I’m not sure that Catharina Haynes has any qualifications to be a federal judge. She’s never written an opinion; I guess her law clerks will be real busy doing that for her on the Federal level for the 5th Circuit. She’s sure to over her head, a local trial judge elevated to the Federal bench? If she showed some stellar performance apropos of the upcoming duties, that would be at least something one could evaluate critically. But there is nothing from Haynes, not even the numerous campaign speeches she must have given while busily stumping as a partisan in Texas.

Her orders have been reversed by higher courts at least twelve times and have been partially reversed on at least six occasions according to the answers she gave to the Senate: United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary: Questionnaire for Judicial Nominees, October 2007.

More evidence of court packing could not be found since FDR tried the same technique in the 1930's; at least he was stopped in his efforts; no one seems to be able to stop the incessant whining by the Republican party, so like bad parents dealing with a treacherous two year old in the super market another bad decision is reinforced.

Nena Bartlett

Finally a bit of good news about Haynes' confirmation! There is no reason this issue should be so divisive, but clearly "manufacturing hysterics" is working. Curt Levey has a post on the Committee for Justice blog elaborating on this topic, including notable quotes from many of the Republican Senators who spoke out about the hold-up of hearings. You can read it here:

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