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December 20, 2007



No person on this House Judiciary Committee made any mention that the destruction of these CIA tapes was a crime, a FELONY VIOLATION of the USA Patriot Act.

Any person with knowledge of a Felony Violation of the USA Patriot Act who fails to Act upon that knowledge, keeps it a secret or knowingly fails to utilize the law to prosecute a Felony Violation of the USA Patriot Act is in MISAPRION of FELONY.

Am I to assume that all of these legislators and all of their lawyers are IGNORANT of the USA Patriot Act.

If they are ignorant then they certainly are Patently unamerican.

Any American in a position to affect prosecution of Felony Violations of the USA Patriot Act, the destruction of critical evidentiary, tapes for christ's sake, and who knowingly avoids even the mention of those Felony Violations under the USA Patriot Act is an enemy of the state at the worst, and should we coddle them as if they were true and blue?

What's up lawyers and congressmen of the world, have you still not read the USA Patriot Act?

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