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December 18, 2007


Robin Varone

It is sad that the AQHA has supported the slaughtering of horse. It is obvious that this is how they make more money. The more that is bred, the more horse that are registered. It is time for less breeding. It also time that the AQHA step to the plate and start helping with rescuing their horses. The money they spent on supporting slaughtering of horse, could have been better spend by helping the rescues that trying to save them. The Thoroughbred Industry has stepped up to the plate and making a dent. All breed registries need to do this. It is not about the quanitity of horses bred, it is quaility and what the market will handle.

horsemen's cafe

Nice touch. Beltex and associates have finally "come out of the closet" so that those who still don't realize it will now know that the group known as Common Horse Sense is indeed the slaughterhouse, not the "informative" group that they attempted to pass themselves off as.
Maybe now AQHA can take some of their lobbying dollars and put them to better use by educating their members about responsibility.

Aleta Pahl

What kind of an organization professes to care about horses and supports the slaughter of horses? Who benefits from this gruesome business...not the horses, not the horse owners who have their horses stolen by killbuyers, not owners who sell their horses to someone they believe buys for good intentions and later finds it was a killbuyer, not the racehorse owners who later find a horse they sold in good faith ends up at an auction to be bought by a killbuyer...this is an ugly, deceitful business no one with any morality would be involved in and the AQHA is the ultimate hypocrite. America needs to pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act NOW and protect our horses, plain and simple.


Seems to me that the AQHA does not want "a lot of control" over what happens to American horses - as long as slaughter "anywhere" remains an option for them. A majority of the horses going to slaughter are AQHA registered horses & slaughter is the "dumping ground" for their unwanted cast-offs. So now, they are quitting their fight to KEEP slaughter? Perhaps they know something the rest of us dont know yet? Could it be that "our bill" to end the slaughter (and export) is doomed?


There certainly is something to lobby for - passage of S 311. AQHA can certainly do something about stopping the exports. The more the quarter horse owners breed, the more money in the pockets of the AQHA. Without slaughter, the owners might breed responsibly and that would take revenue away from the AQHA. It's all about money, not the welfare of the horses.


The slaughter ban being considered in Washington includes outlawing transport out of the country for slaughter, so it's hardly a moot point. And Beltex isn't AQHA's opposition. AQHA supports keeping horse slaugther legal.

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