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September 28, 2007


Matt Janovic

No, no bias detected within this article. None whatsoever, move along. Who exactly else would have leaked the official documents to the Smoking Gun while Ms. Palfrey was still in Germany? Her? How would she have even known she was being investigated and had been charged, and what would she have gained by sending the so-called "incriminating e-mails" to the editor of the Smoking Gun? Your logic is lacking. Granted, she's made some obvious mistakes in her defense, but methinks thou dost protesteth too loudly.


Palfrey list Sounds like the black book of 1918.
That trial of the century was removed clean out of all books.
The list there had 47000 names.
The list here is 46000 phone records.
The listed are not womenizers or machos or ordinary sinners.
They are power brokers, gay, Lutheran Shock and Awe agitators of all wars.
And they are only the cover for the real pimps deep underground.
Deborah Palfrey deserves the First Billing Award for clean governance.
A curse on Justice Charles Darling and Judge Gladys Kessler.

Noel Pemberton-Billing
Trial of the Century

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