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September 24, 2007


Margret Nedelkoff (formerly Kellems)

I am surprised and disappointed to see Legal Times posting a disparaging item about law firms' disaster planning efforts. When I served as DC's Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Homeland Security Director, my office encouraged DC-based private sector companies to establish detailed plans to ensure the safety of their employees in the face of all kinds of threats, from natural disasters to terrorist attacks. Of course, should a large-scale disaster occur, the physical security of the residents, visitors, and workforce, as well as the economic recovery of the city will depend in large measure on the extent to which private sector organizations plan for and respond to these incidents both in terms of workplace safety and effective business continuity plans. The firms mentioned in the post should be lauded for their efforts, not mocked even in parody. It is abundantly responsible for all DC employers and businesses to ensure that they are prepared to withstand and recover from all hazards and disasters. Finally, as a regular reader of Legal Times, I hope that your reporter's "take the stairs" remark does not accurately depict the extent of LT's business continuity planning. In the wake of a disaster, Legal Times will have a role to play in informing its readership of recovery efforts, and likely won't be effective if your reporters have gotten no further than the sidewalk.

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