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June 29, 2007


G. Hall

It's one thing to be wrong, Matthew; it's quite another to be embarrassingly wrongheaded. You might be as young and relatively inexperienced as Ms. Brand was when she joined the Justice Department. That was in July 2003, nearly four years ago, and she has been perpetrating policy its Office of Legal Policy, inter alia, ever since.

prezildent despondent

M. Friendly:

It doesn't matter if Brand worked at the executive washroom. She worked for the government and she jumped ship like other White House employees!!! And yes good riddance. Who else is next?

Matthew Friendly


Get your facts straight before showing your ignorance. Brand has been with the DOJ for 2 years. Before that she worked in the White House Counsel's office, which is not part of DOJ.

Bil Biloxi

And look for every Friday for an official to hit the streets. It's becoming a pattern. Internal DOJ lottery... LOL!!

G. Hall

"Two years?" Hardly; she was part of Gonzales's advance guard, arriving at Justice more than a year before he did. And it would appear that she won the internal DOJ lottery for this Friday evening's resignation slot. Good riddance.

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