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June 18, 2007


Kim Patrick

Absolutely amazing. Good on you for doing what you did to get a point across. And sorry about the ruined swimsuit.
The thing is, how do we explain to our kids that people in authority don't actually know what they are doing?

Uncle Frankie

Your story is a perfect example of the absurdity of so many government regulations, especially nanny-type regulations. Just like price controls create far more problems than they solve except in cases of natural disaster, so do technology controls that don't involve strategic weaponry.

The micro-regulation of everyday life by the government is not unlike the cloud of intimidation that a brutal dictator holds over his subjects...the threat is usually not deadly, but it is the pervasive interference in your activities that create the kind of docile obedience that big government loves. Once they've trained you to sit, stay, and roll over on their arbitrary command in your daily life, you are far more likely to not protest their larger infringements into your paycheck, into your workplace, and into your property.

I'm going to record a reading of your story on my audio blog on tomorrow at 12pm PST. I invite you to read it yourself and talk about nanny regs like this. If you are interested, please reply at If not, look the the recording next week on the Tinkers Damn Blog at

Keep gittin after it,



The USA is run by the "graduates" of "Law School." Why are you not surprised by this idiocy?

P Saunders

Here's a thought: Grill the teenager and manager as to whether they are both certified life savers with the prerequisite training. Also demand a copy of their employment records as well as any information relating to any criminal convictions for any reasons whatsoever. If they refuse, threaten to have the entire pool closed as their refusal violates [insert obscure or imagined statute here]. If they want to pick on a two year old, you might as well make their lives miserable, too.

J. B.

Good post. The inflexibility of some government regulations amaze me, but too often are the result from fear of litigation if not strictly adhered. I like your sarcasm—it’s refreshing!


I would have told them to get lost. Can they quote the statute that gives them authority to determine what flotation devices can be used.

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