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May 30, 2007



I agree with the comments above. Would the descendants of the incas have a legal claim to this treasure?

Regina Polo

Spain, its time to let the greed rest! I am a native Panamanian and agree with the comment above, in that the perecious cargo was stolent with brutality and enslaving of native americans. Odyssey, on the other hand, used modern, civilized technology to procured this booty, and althogh the treasure clearly does not belong to either Spain or Odyssey; the manner in which each aquired it should have a great deal to do with which party should be favored.


The coins are spanish... (see CHARLES III face)

so they must return it to Spain ASAP.

Jack Dyer

James Goold please ask Spain and the Catholic Church where they got the silver and gold from? Do they have a bill of sale? All the information so far indicates the bullion was Inca. Has anyone sued Spain in the International Court for theft?

David Crooks

I am astounded that Spain has asserted claim over sunken Spanish vessels from the 17th century and is making claim against Odyssey Marine Exploration.

The truth of the matter is that Spain brutally stole all the gold and silver contained in 17th century vessels from the South American Indians. Spain ruthlessly enslaved and murdered these Indians, it forced the Indians to mine the precious metals, and then it shipped the booty to Spain claiming it was theirs.

It seems that Spain's greed hasn’t ceased!

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