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March 29, 2007


AmyS in NYC

Perhaps you should have shown your students the earlier incarnation of Chief Wahoo (my personal fav). I think you may have received a different percentage. I think I may actually have an old pin with that depiction.


I cannot speak for all Natives, just as you cannot speak for all [whatever-you-are]. The initial issue goes back to the negative repercussions from caricatures. Do you think people would be offended if there is a team called Cleveland Caucasions? If not, then use that name! We are not extinct. We are not honored - just honor the treaties or leave.

Get real. Just because one Native is alright with something, doesn't mean it is right. When it is insulting, when in doubt - leave it out. Maybe truly, only dominant society thinks it is okay. The people wearing those cleveland indian caps were probably given the hats and can't be "choosey" and even if they don't complain, they may have never thought about it and most likely don't give back to their own communities for trying to survive.
Do your homework.
Adahe NDN in Denver

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